School of Business Accounting and Hospitality (SOBAH)

Let's Go To Business!

Welcome to the School of Business Accounting and Hospitality (SOBAH). As a Business and Accounting professional, there is no grander occasion than now to think artistically and to react tactically to gain and sustain competitive advantages. At ITP, our academic staff in SOBAH strive to make a difference in every student through enhancing skills and broadening their prospects.

The faculty is dedicated to providing the required knowledge to excel in the diverse and challenging business environments. Our students acquire and develop critical and conceptual skills required to master in the globalised, vibrant and progressive competitive markets. Our lecturers invest in effective personal approaches to education. Our industrial tie-up and industry-based classroom learning, nurtures the talents and dreams of our students.

At ITP, we offer you diverse programmes in various areas from Certificate to Masters, catering for the needs of students and the employers. Apart from academics, your personal growth as a Business and Accounting Major is further developed through our student society that organises events and trips which gives you the exposure you need in this field. We hope you find what you are looking for and we look forward to having you be part of our academic family to explore and experience a great future, for we stand with you in accomplishing the dream of yours as ours, so let’s get to business!

School of Electrical Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology(SEEMIT)

Drivers Of The Future!

Welcome to the School of Electrical Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEMIT). As an Engineering or an IT professional, the fast moving world is your circuit and with us you will build the right connections between industrial and academic knowledge. We have three major fields to offer in our faculty, which are Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering.

Our programmes are designed to encourage you to think critically, to cultivate an open mind, and to effectively formulate and present arguments. When you are with us, you will be a valued member in a bright, enthusiastic, and extremely dedicated student society. You will deepen your interests, advance your career goals, and make the world a better place and it’s going to be with a tremendous amount of fun. Our university is a remarkable place, but as talented as our faculty and staff are, we realise that you play the largest role in your development into becoming an engaged global citizen. Through us, you will discover your passion and change the world through the field of Engineering and IT.

We believe in moving with time and trend and we offer our students a diversified and holistic learning experience that is interconnected with the industry they will graduate to serve as drivers of the future. We look forward to having you be part of our academic family to explore and map your future as we stand with you to accomplish the dreams of yours and ours.

School of Achitecture, Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying(SOACES)

Designing the World We Live In!

Welcome to the School of Achitecture, Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying (SOACES). SOACES takes pride in providing high quality education to prepare competitive undergraduate and graduate students for a successful career in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. SOACES offers a broad range of programmes, from Certificate to Masters level of studies.

In 2014, the School of Achitecture, Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying collaborated with Leeds Becket University to offer the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. The academic staff in SOACES have extensive academic background and industry experiences.

SOACES is also equipped with several 24 hours dedicated Architecture Design Studios and Engineering Laboratories in a variety of specialisation such as Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Structural Engineering, Materials Engineering, Surveying, Highway and Transportation Engineering to serve the local and international students. Apart from the academics, your personal growth as a future professional of this field is deepened through our student society which aids in giving you the right exposure and leadership skills you will need to take with you as you embark on your professional journey.

In SOACES, it is always a great joy to know that our graduates are builders of the nation and to be known as the designers of the future world we live in.

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